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HARDEE’S Terms of Use

35 Minute Guarantee

The 35 Minute Guarantee is only applicable currently in Riyadh - EMAM SOUD, Riyadh - Olaya, Riyadh - SWIDY, Riyadh - NAZEEM, Riyadh - SALAM MALL, Riyadh - KING FAHAD, Riyadh – HAMRAA, Riyadh – Khalig, Riyadh – Sitten, Riyadh - DAMAM RD, Riyadh – REHAB, Riyadh – SHIFA, Riyadh - ELKHIER ROAD, Riyadh – RABIEA, Riyadh - DAR EL BEDA, RIYADH – EUROMARCHE, Riyadh - Negm Eldeen, JEDDAH – SITEEN, JEDDAH - RABWA-W, JEDDAH – MANDAREN, JEDDAH - P.SULTAN, JEDDAH - KING RD, JEDDAH - ANDALOS-W, JEDDAH – SAMER, JEDDAH – SARY, JEDDAH - HERAA NAHDA, JEDDAH - HERAA2, Jeddah - GAMAA1 – W, Jeddah - SULMANYA1, JEDDAH – TAHLIA, JEDDAH – ABHOR, JEDDAH – WAZERYA, JEDDAH – SHARAFIA and Jeddah - SAFA1 restaurants for orders placed on hardees.sa.

In case of delay in delivery of the order the Free delivery would be valid for three orders made within seven days starts from receiving the Voucher code.

You will not be eligible to receive free delivery under the guarantee more than once in any seven-day period.

You will receive SMS within 48 hours with your voucher code which you can add to your account to redeem your three free delivery orders.

This code will expire within seven days of receiving the confirmation SMS and code, whether or not you have applied the code to your account.

We are not responsible for any failure for the voucher code to be received due to incorrect email details provided, email restrictions or otherwise.

Free delivery credits cannot be clubbed with other credits or corporate allowance.

If you do not receive the confirmation email, the SMS voucher or have any issues with adding the code to your account, please feel free to reach out to Hardee’s customer care team on 920001213

This promotion is subject to termination by Hardee’s at any time.

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